I’m dsv. I’ve been a GNU/Linux user since late 2018. Since then I’ve tried out Ubuntu, Debian and Arch, but since about 1,5-2 years I’ve been a Void Linux user.

I prefer my software libre, lightweight and terminal based. If there is a way to self host something I use a lot, I usually try to do so. At the moment I self host this site, Miniflux, Pleroma, XMPP (Prosody) and Wallabag.

About this site

This site was born in an attempt to log things I do on my computer or server to make up for my bad memory and remember what I did. In the beginning I wrote in Swedish but switched to English.


If you have anything to say or see anything that’s straight up wrong, I’m available at these places:

Fediverse @dsv@fe.dver.se
Email mail [at] dver [dot] se
XMPP dsv@dver.se
IRC dsv @ Libera.chat