Autologin on Void

This is probably the same for most distros, it might differ a bit depending on init system. This is done on Void Linux with runit init system.

Since i am the only user on this computer which also is encrypted, i don’t really see the need to login twice each time i start my computer. It’s enough with the decryption.

To make runit autologin to our user during boot we only need to add a simple option to one file.

Edit /etc/sv/agetty-tty1/conf and add the -a option followed by your username in GETTY_ARGS:

# vim /etc/sv/agetty-tty1/conf
GETTY_ARGS="--noclear -a <username>"

Now we will not need to login to our user during boot, as long as we login in TTY1, the other ones will still stay the same.

#void #linux #runit