Going back to Wallabag

Almost a year ago i removed my Wallabag instance and installed Shaarli instead. I didn’t need everything Wallabag offer and found the UI of Shaarli much better to me.

Wallabag is a free and opensource Pocket-like software. It’s main function is a ‘read later’-service which grabs text and pictures from links you add and Wallabag shows it clutter free and without all the bloat on todays web, like the Firefox Reader View. I mainly use it as a bookmark service though.

One thing that i now realize i’ve missed almost most is Wallabags ability to share articles you save with a public link so that you can share articles without all the mess of most webpages.

It’s of course possible to selfhost, but there’s also an Official hosting service for a small price tag if you’re not up to selfhosting it. Another option is to find someone who hosting a public Wallabag instance for free.

One of the biggest reasons i switched back from Shaarli to Wallabag is some annoying things when sharing from the Android app Shaarlier, which made me almost stop using Shaarli after a while. Another thing i really like is that i’m able to save articles from my Miniflux to Wallabag with one click only.

After some minor database issues during the installation i’ve finally installed Wallabag again and i’m very happy with it. It looks way better now than it did the last time i used it.

#wallabag #read it later #selfhost