Uninstall sudo (and install doas) on Void

I’ve used doas, or OpenDoas as the fork is called for a year or so, and I’m very happy with it.

doas was made for OpenBSD, but there is a fork called OpenDoas which runs on Linux.

Installing doas on Void is done with

xbps-install -Su opendoas

On Void sudo is a part of the base-system package, which means you can’t just uninstall it, but of course there is a way to do this.

What we have to do is to create a file and populate it with one simple thing. We can do this with a single line with the help of echo and tee. This will just put ignorepkg=sudo into /etc/xbps.d/10-ignore.conf, which means that xbps will ignore this package and we’ll be able to uninstall it without getting an error saying that removing sudo breaks base-system.

echo "ignorepkg=sudo" | doas tee -a /etc/xbps.d/10-ignore.conf

Now we can uninstall sudo as we would with any package

xbps-remove -R sudo


The configuration is very easy and the configuration file lives in /etc/doas.conf

I’ve just permitted my own user, since I’m the only user on my computers

permit <user>

You can also permit all users in the wheel group for example

permit :wheel

Fun fact

The only thing I’ve ever needed from sudo is the posibility to run commands as the root user so when you check the configuration files of sudo and doas, and then look at the size of the installed package of each of them - it’s very obvious which to chose.. At least for me.

sudo installed size

installed_size:           4248KB

doas installed size

Size freed on disk:             51KB
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